50mm 75mm 100mm [by special order]. Note that not
all panel lengths, widths and skin types or thicknesses
are available in all areas. However a factory made to order service is available.


  • FC Sheeting [recessed edge] 4.5mm
  • FC Sheeting [square edge] 4.5mm


  • 50mm x 600mm x 3.0 metre = 23kg [approx]
  • 75mm x 600mm x 3.0 metre = 24.5kg [approx]
  • 100mm x 600mm x 3.0 metre = 26.5kg [approx]


In accordance with AS1530 Part 4 MAK-Styrocon® has the following fire resistance levels when used as a non load bearing wall system:

  • 50mm panel – 1 hour
  • 75mm panel – 2 hours
  • 100mm panel – 3 hours

In terms of Building Code of Australia (AS1530 Part 1] MAK-Styrocon is deemed to be non-combustible.


(AS1530 Part 31 for MAK-Styrocon® are:

  • Ignition Index 0
  • Flame Evolved Index 0
  • Heat Evolved Index 0
  • Smoke Development Index 0
  • Where 0 is the best possible result.

The MAK-STYROCON Advantage

    • Strong, tough and solid
    • Durable – heal, moislureand UV resistant
    • Light and easy for construction
    • Fire resistant
    • Water resistant
    • Soundly proof
    • Free from asbestos and other hazardous chemicals
    • Environmental and health friendly
    • Sustainable and tested against Earthquake
    • Adaptable – custom design to suit any building project
    • Functional – will accept almost any finish
    • Cost and Sale Effective – low manufacture costs & easy to install
    • Rapid construction up to 30 floors
    • Save money and time
    • Proven History – over 20 years experience & knowledge in building construction


Combustion of EPS in the panel core does not pose a toxicity problem. The CSIRO Division of Building Research states that for foamed polystyrene the potential toxic hazard appears to be no greater than that for wood.


MAK-Styrocon® panels are erected using light gauge steel framing at wall base and head. A variety of installation options are available incorporating channel, angle or totally concealed framing systems. MAK-Styrocon® panels slip together using a tongue and groove jointing system and may be flush set or butt jointed according to project requirements.


MAK-Styrocon® exceeds the Building Code of Australia structural tests for lightweight construction.

MAK-Styrocon® is suitable for the application of a wide variety of surface finishes, including paints and aggregates.

The fibre cement facings are immune lo permanent water damage making MAK-Styrocon® suitable for use in wet area applications.

50mm panel
75mm panel
Test Details
Weight [Nom] 23kg  [approx.] 24.5kg  [approx.]  
Axial load bearing 53kN/m2 84kN/m2 University ot Western Australia
Sound transmission ISTC1 32dB 38dB

BS2750 Part 3
BS5821 Part 1
AS1191-STC Rating

Airborne sound transmission
loss through panel
STC45dB STC38dB Curtin University
50mm Styrocon with 50mm cavity • 13mm plasterboard
Fire resistance [rating] 1 hour 2 hours BS476 Parts 20-22-1987
Thermal conductivity [K] 0.23W/m JC 0.33W/m JC BS87A Part 2
Thermal transmission U value 2.17W/m JC 1.78W/m JC Wood & Grieve Engineers
  MAK-Styrocon® Both 50mm & 75mm panels Test Details
Fire propagation Meets requirements BS476Part 6
Surface spread of flame Class 1
Approved for use in areas where walls or partitions having a
surface spread of fla me raling of Class 0 or lower are required.
BS476Part 7
Building regulation
Smoke emission & toxic gas
None recorded CSIRO [NBTC]. Sydney
Combustibility Deemed non-combustible AS 1530 Parti
Water penetration No evidence of water penetration BS4315Part2
Strength & robustness
-  Partition stiffness
-  Small hard body impact 6Nm
-  Small hard body impact 15Nm
-  Large soft body impact 40Nm & 12Nm
-  Door slamming
-  Crowd pressure – 2kN/m
-  Pullout – 100N
-  Pulldown – 250N
-  Heavyweight anchorage pulldown – 3kN/m
No cracking, detachment or loosening
No cracking, breakage or indentation
No cracking, breakage or indentation
No surface or structural damage
No visible cracks
No damage
Anchor test – pultout lest shear test 4.36kN 7.40kN BS5080 Part 1 & 2
Wall height – non load bearng Up to 4200mm high (fire and non fire rated) CSIRO Report FCO 0505
Standard panel length 3000mm  
Panel width 600mm