MAK-Styrocon™ panel

Superior, tought, solid, durable, water and fire resistant, environ-mental friendly building panel for main construction, walls, flooring, roofing, and anything in between.

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What is MAK-Styrocon™?

As a product type MAK-STYROCON™ is a light weight interlocking sandwich panel using two facings of fibre cement sheet with a cementious core incorporating lightweight aggregates and non-toxic chemicals. Once the panels are erected, the surface is finished and does not require further work.

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Where is MAK-Styrocon™ used?

MAK-STYROCON™ can be used as external or internal walls in conventional buildings, remove area housing, transportable houses, demountable housing, disatster shelters, partition walls, fire rated walls, sunscreens and facades on multi level buildings. Panels may be used for main construction, floors and roofs. Panels can also be used for animal pens, sheds, fences and many other farm uses.

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